The Defiance Area Foundation is a public charitable organization created by citizens of our community to enrich the quality of life for individuals and families in Defiance County. Grants support a variety of programs in the fields of education, social services, physical and mental health, neighborhood and urban affairs, natural resources and the arts.

Specific Grant Guidelines and Grant Application Form are provided for each grant opportunity as each fund supports a unique area. Please provide all the requested information on the grant application form. A copy of our grant guidelines and the types of projects Defiance Area Foundation supports and those we do not support is also provided. Grants are awarded twice during the year. Proposals need to be received by 5 p.m. on the application deadline in order to be considered for that cycle. If the deadline falls on a weekend or federal holiday the proposals need to be received by 5:00 p.m. the Friday before the deadline. The schedule is as follows:

                          Proposals received by:                                Final Consideration at Trustees meeting in:
March 31                                                                        April
September 30                                                                October

Prior to submitting a proposal, applicants are encouraged to call the Foundation at (419)782-3130.  Foundation staff is available to answer questions you may have regarding the grant application process. The information will be reviewed by our Grants Review Committee, then the subsequent recommendation made at the next Board Meeting. 

Grants seekers are encouraged to ask for not more than 25% of their total project if their total project exceeds $10,000.  If project total is below $10,000, the grant seeker should use their discretion, with the understanding that the DAF usually does not support the entire funding of the project or program.  Additionally, the DAF typically does not make more than a $25,000 grant for any one organization in one fiscal year.

We always look for new programs and projects that benefit our communities. The Defiance Area Foundation is here to serve and promote Defiance County and we encourage others to join us in this journey.

Grant Application Form (Word Doc or PDF)

Grant Guidelines

Grant Form A and B