The Defiance Area Foundation has its own Code of Regulations and is governed by a Board of Trustees. Trustees are elected from the Membership on a yearly rotating basis to conduct business of the Foundation. Membership in the Foundation is open to Defiance County residents who demonstrate a philanthropic nature and a passion for seeing their county grow and prosper.

The Foundation provides an opportunity for those with a sense of community pride to turn that pride into lasting, tangible benefits for community residents. Trustees are selected for their knowledge of the community’s needs, their personal achievements and community involvement. The Board oversees all grant making activities.

“Together we can enhance and enrich the quality of life for the citizens of our area.”


The Defiance Area Foundation is here to serve and work with our donors, their attorneys, and accountants, trust officers and other financial advisors. These discussion of the donor’s philanthropic goals are at no cost or obligation to the donor.

There are many ways to give to our foundation, and no gift is too small to make a difference in our community. Gifts can be made to any current fund or the donor may create a named fund with a minimum gift of $5,000.    

Please contact The Defiance Area Foundation for more information