Cash Gift – A cash gift is a tax deductible gift as provided under current law.

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds  – Appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be a great choice when making a charitable gift.  Your contribution is based on current market value, rather than the cost basis.

Matching Gift – Matching gifts can more than double your gift, if your employer has such a program.

Bequest – A bequest  in your will is a simple way to leave a lasting legacy.

Planned Gifts: Retirement Funds, IRAs and Life Insurance – The Foundation can be named as a direct or contingency beneficiary of a portion of your retirement funds, IRAs, life insurance policy, or other assets.

Charitable Trust Options—Your accountant or financial professional can recommend the best option for your special and unique circumstances.

Real Estate and Personal Property – Residences, vacation homes and farmland can be donated to The Foundation and make wonderful charitable gifts and enjoy significant tax savings.

Transfer of Private Foundation – This affords you many advantages, including lower overhead, staff to assist you with your charitable goals, and perhaps a higher tax deduction on future gifts, to name a few.