Foundation Launches Community-Focused Project 2030

Foundation Launches Community-Focused Project 2030

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(Defiance, Ohio) November 17, 2020 – The Defiance Area Foundation (DAF) has launched the Project 2030 Field of Interest Fund with a goal to raise $200,000 in ten years. This funding would be seed money to build a community project in Defiance County based on the ideas and proposals of community members.

“Imagine you and your family investing in the future of Defiance through a major project in ten years that you get to vote for.  It could be an indoor playground, an amphitheater, an ice skating rink, or anything you can dream up,” said Savanna Weber, a founding member of Project 2030.

To reach the $200,000 goal, the DAF is looking for 100 Project 2030 Partners to donate one share a month for 10 years. At $25 a share, this is a total commitment of $3,000 over the 10 years. Donors that reach this goal will also be eligible to become a Member of the Defiance Area Foundation.

“Bryan Area Foundation launched this program successfully 10 years ago to commemorate their 50th Anniversary.  They built an Amphitheatre with their community and held a grand celebration in October,” said Chris Yoder, DAF Executive Director.

Donors that reach 60 shares or $1,500 are considered Partners and are eligible to participate in a Project 2030 Committee or an Officer position. To become eligible to vote on the final project, a donor must reach the Affiliate level with a donation of 12 shares or $300 over the 10 years.

“Those my age can leave a legacy for their children and grand-children to build on,” said Rita Kissner. ­Kissner recently made a full contribution of $3,000 to the Project 2030 fund.

Shares can be donated monthly, quarterly, or annually by check or through PayPal. The more shares per individual donated, the more their vote counts up to the individual voting cap of 120 shares. Each member of a family can donate up to 120 shares. Gifts over $3,000 per person are welcome, but voting shares would remain at 120 per person.

“I’m excited to include my daughters in this fundraising process and instill in them the value of giving back to our community,” said Weber.

To learn more about Project 2030 visit online at or give DAF Executive Director Chris Yoder a call at 419-782-3130.